After the amazing discovery by Israeli scientists of an encrypted Bible Code found in the Hebrew text of the Old# Testament, researchers worldwide have been making new discoveries about the past, present, and future. They# have also been putting the Bible Code to work in archaeological, industrial, military, and religious applications.# Numerous new Bible Code discoveries are shared about historical Bible characters, trees, the chemical# elements, Albert Einstein, Jesus, Messianic prophecies, Christ’s crucifixion, John Glenn’s trip into space,# hurricanes Georges and Mitch, the McGwire-Sosa baseball home-run race, and more. This program also# examines how the code is being used as a predictive tool in finding the Ark of the Covenant, oil in Israel, gathering# military intelligence, and how researchers are finding themselves and their families in the code. Winner of the# Dove Family Approved Seal Award and the Film Advisory Board Excellence Award. A PAX-TV World Premiere# TV Special.